bCh Stellar’s Moonlight Chaser of Calibr, TT

Meet Phoebe, the newest addition to Stellar Shilohs. This beauty is out of High Caliber’s Colby and Brick Chapel’s Kiva, and she has inherited some of the finest qualities from both her parents!

So how did she come by this name? She was Cinnamon Toast in her Breakfast Club litter. I kept falling back on the Neil Young song, “Cinnamon Girl,” and the line chasing the moonlight with my cinnamon girl got stuck in my head. A little research uncovered the fact that Phoebe is a genus of cinnamon tree, and a nomenclature was born!

Phoebe has completed her health testing, passing her Holter and her Echocardiogram with flying colors! Her hips put her in the top 5% of the breed.

At 2+, she is the most demonstrably loving dog. She loves everyone, and insists that the feeling is mutual. Even people who declare they don’t like dogs will find themselves petting her, as she is nearly irresistible. She covets contact, and is definitely my Velcro dog. She is athletic and strong, fearless and playful. Phoebe’s health testing is complete and has passed with flying colors. She also passed her temperament test with a grade of 100%, and lots of lovely compliments on how rock-solid she is, and completely unflappable. This girl amazes me daily.

Stay tuned for an announcement of Phoebe’s upcoming breeding plans.

rbCH Stellar’s Moonlight Chaser of Calibr
b. March 8, 2017| Black and tan dual
Sire: GV NSx5 GrCH rbdCH CanCH
High Caliber’s Mountain Majesty CGC, TT, TDI, ROM
Dam: GV NSx2 brCH Brick Chapel’s Irish Valentine T
height/weight: 26.5″ 94lbs

hips: PennHip L 0.24 R 0.13, no DJD; Top 5% of the breed

hips: OFA Good SLH-954G24F-VPI

elbows: OFA Normal (24M) SLH-EL716F24-VPI

heart: OFA Normal SLH-ACA30/16F-VPI (Echo), and holter (0,0,0) 6M

thyroid: OFA Normal SLH-TH333/16F-VPI

dm: normal/normal via parentage