Shiloh Shepherds are not for everyone and individual puppy temperaments vary. We are looking for “Permanent”, “Stable” loving homes for our Shilohs. Your honest answers to the application questions will help determine whether this breed is appropriate for you, as well as the temperament of the puppy most likely to match your lifestyle and environment.

This application does not guarantee a puppy. Availability is based on the number, quality, and temperaments present in each litter. If we feel you are a qualified prospective Shiloh owner, and we are unable to meet your needs, we will work with you to locate another breeder that can.

Please read and fill out the entire application before submitting. All form fields are required.

Stellar Shilohs Puppy Application

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  • At Stellar Shilohs our mission is to progressively improve the health and structure of this breed. Accordingly health testing is critical to our program and other dedicated breeders we work with for assessing each breeding. Our contracts require the following, at the owner’s expense:
    • >> Holter Monitoring between 5-12 months, we provide monitor and pay for diagnostics
    • >> Between 12-24 months, OFA DM and OFA Cardiac Certification
    • >> Between 24-30 months of age, OFA Elbows and OFA or PennHip Hip Certifications
    • >> Optional, but suggested include OFA elbows, OFA thyroid and CERF (eye).
    • NOTE: Numbers two and three are minimal requirements for permanent breeding

      This Puppy Application does not guarantee a Stellar Shiloh. It is the first step in a three part process which also includes an interview and site visit to Stellar Shilohs (preferred), and a successful breeding and matching of puppies to applicants.

      Please feel free to call or e-mail us at any time with questions and concerns you have or wish to discuss. Stellar Shilohs appreciates your interest in exploring possible ownership of this very special breed.

      Liz Mierzejewski, Stellar Shilohs
      TSSR Registered and Members, ISSDC